Opportunity to be Considered as a Key Partner on Multifamily Deals

Attend the webinar:

When?Wed, Jun. 30th @ 9:00 PM EST
(8pm CST/6pm PST)

If your goal is to be considered as a key partner with experienced operators on apartment deals, you should attend.

We will cover: 

- Why being a Key Partner matters.

- Getting your hands dirty in the operations.

- The process of partnering up.

- Deal structure and responsibilities.

- Learn syndication by executing.

- Success from previous deals and track record.

- Expectation and outcome of being a partner.
- How partners gain access to our investor network.

- Transition from key partner to becoming a general partner.

Being a multifamily owner has a steep learning curve and many challenges (lack of track record, capital, etc.). By partnering on deals, one can shorten the curve tremendously. We will discuss more in the webinar.

About The Host: Joshua D. Welch

I've built a $250M+ portfolio of multifamily properties. Partnering up is the key to success. Select individuals will have an opportunity to be a key partner. Join the webinar to see how.

See what some successful key partners have done:

Watch how 4 key partners were given a chance to buy their own deal

We selected Dan, Rory, Steffen and JP on several apartment deals. They learned and executed. Now they are doing their own multi-million dollar apartment deal that we gave to them.

Kyle Bryant, Houston, TX

Key Partner on a 42-unit project called Rio Sereno Apartments.

Kyle gets rotated through different aspects of operating Rio Sereno Apartments every 5 weeks, giving him invaluable experience. All of this happens under experienced management.

Rory Cummins, Charlotte, NC

Key Partner on a 56-unit project called  Sycamore Gardens Apartments..

Rory gets to experience different parts of the operations by being assigned new tasks every 5 week. This is the perfect way to get your hands dirty and learn the critical operations.