See how we gave 4 members their own off-market deal (and signed their mortgage!)

About The Host: Joshua D. Welch

I've built a $100M+ portfolio of Class B & C value-add multifamily properties. All of our acquisitions are off market. We never wait for brokers to send us deals nor do we have competing buyers for the properties we chase.

If your goal is to get access to off-market deals and partner with vetted high quality partners, you should attend.

We will cover: 

- Our member vetting process- Not everyone is allowed to join.

- Our off-market deal sourcing.

- The process of how you can partner up with other vetted folks.

- In-person partner match events.

- Property tours of deals in play.

- Overview of current off-market deals.

Multifamily Partner Matching and Access to Off-Market Deals


Wed, July 15th @ 9:00 PM EST

(8pm CST/6pm PST)

Watch how 4 members were given a chance to buy their own deal

We vetted Dan, Rory, Steffen and JP and made them members. We gave them access to an off-market deal that we got through our relationships. Nobody competed with them to buy the property. Now they are doing more deals!

Attend this webinar: